Health Care

TEMA Health Care

TEMA’s strong and accomplished team with years of experience in pharmacy, medicine, science and technology, means that we are skilled in the language of healthcare professionals...

We speak the language to promote your products

  • with indepth knowledge in a wide range of relevant fields
  • with experience in pharmaceuticals and medical technology and devices
  • with extensive networks in trade and business press
  • with backgrounds  in the management of associations and institutions

TEMA knows and understands each client
technically –– creatively – globally


Campaign planning
Strategy advice & communication concepts addressing doctors and patients

Content Development
Developing content and storytelling for all channels of communication

Digital Marketing
Patients, Products, and Company Websites – Responsive Design – SEO – Social Media – App Design – Shop Systems

Visual Marketing
Promotional Material – Videos – Live Broadcasting – Information Videos – Virtual Reality

Press work
Press Releases – Press Conferences – Press Tours – Blogger Relations – Crisis Management PR

Congresses – Symposia – Training events – Sales Conferences

TEMA Technologie Marketing

We create global high-end marketing for technology to enable our clients sustainable growth.

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