Change is advantageous for strong companies. You want to initiate new projects and optimize proven products.For your marketing, TEMA offers multinational and multifunctional teams that anticipate the future, tracking your marketability and planning your campaigns.

Strategy Development

In order to sustainably develop your organization, you need an appropriate strategy..

We not only help in the formulation of your “Vision” and “Mission,” but also support in the implementation thereof through mutual cooperation and planning, resulting in lasting success.

Customer Journey

To make sure your potential customer’s search ends with your company, it's essential to provide exactly the information they require at every point throughout their journey.

We are the right travel companion for your future customers. We create the right content for all phases of your customer’s journey and use diverse communication channels, from Twitter posts to hardcopies. We offer content marketing to ensure your success in sales. Because we know how your customers tick.

Change Management

Reinvent yourself, rethink your processes, and develop new strategies with our guidance.

TEMA offers support through all phases of change management, identifies new paths and solutions while assisting in their realization.

Market Intelligence

Do you want to make the right decisions? Do you want to expand in existing markets or develop into new ones?

Information is not enough, what you need is knowledge. We help you generate this knowledge from your information. We create the basis for your success.

Crisis Management

Successfully manage crises and emerge from them with more knowledge.

We'll show you how. We help you overcome the crisis and tell you what you can learn from it for the future. TEMA knows the right marketing tools for crisis management and keeps you cool even in stormy times.

Employer Branding

Strengthen your employer brand! We support you throughout the entire employer branding process:

  • Strategic workshops
  • Social media campaigns
  • Development of slogans, key visuals, print material
  • Movies
  • Press and advertisements
  • Exhibitions and events
  • “Night of the Companies”
  • Online Job Portal

Success control

Surely you want to know whether your marketing activities are successful, whether it is worth investing time and money in social media, as well as how and where you can best reach your customers. TEMA makes your success transparent and measurable.

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We create global high-end marketing for technology to enable our clients sustainable growth.

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