Content as well as its packaging is important. Without a creative, visually appealing design, expressive imagery, and a compelling and memorable corporate identity, ads look dull, movies are perceived as boring, and social media posts are meaningless. Our designers, filmmakers and photographers bring color, excitement and drama to your marketing. TEMA creates awareness through design.


Corporate Designs

Hey! I know that, that's the... If your customers say that about you, you've done everything right. High recognition value is the key to success.


TEMA ensures that you are recognized. We develop corporate designs that stay firmly rooted in memory. We add a breath of fresh air to your corporate design.



The right solution in every situation. Whether on your smartphone in a train, on an office laptop, or at home on your tablet - your web application is always accessible.


Due to the continuously increasing number of devices, there are more and more opportunities for us to go online. To increase the reach of your web presence, it has become all the more important to offer optimized accessibility for all visitors, regardless of location or device. With this in mind, TEMA develops responsive and user-oriented web design concepts for corporate websites, One pagers, microsites, blogs, landing pages, online shops or web applications of any kind.



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From internal presentation to internet publication, print media, public events or trade fair appearances, a 3D visualization or animation can be used in a variety of ways.

An effective 3D element presents numerous aspects in a streamlined manner that both informs and generates interest. We offer 3D visualizations, animations, and real films employing various recording techniques. On request, we will gladly send you a show reel of our past productions.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next big wave of visualization which allows viewers to be immersed in a conceptualized and customized environment.


The technology can be used:

  • in product development
  • in marketing and sales
  • in education
  • in service


TEMA produces tailor-made VR applications for:

  • Implementation of virtual reality workshops in project entry
  • Conception
  • Development and programming
  • Advice on buying and renting suitable hardware


Augmented Reality

TEMA offers Augmented Reality solutions for Industry 4.0 applications

Find yourself demonstrating and servicing your products around the globe without ever leaving your office! See your customers and save on travel expenses.



Films are ideal for helping you to market your brand and to deliver your message. Films highlight your company’s products or show complex technological connections between processes and solutions, in a short but precise fashion.

TEMA produces films in every language, overseeing everything from the script to the final product:

  • 3D Animation and visualization
  • Image, product and industry films
  • Motion graphics, explanatory films
  • Training and scientific films
  • Ad walks, Info-Screens
  • Commercials, cinema ads and radio spots
  • Reports, quotes, video messages



Photography is a constant companion in the digital world.

In order to present your idea in the right perspective, we offer you a wide range of photographic services, both on location and in the studio: industrial, product photography, portrait shots, photo documentation, event photography, aerial and underwater photography.


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We create global high-end marketing for technology to enable our clients sustainable growth.

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