Creative customized film projects

We are your creative solution for a wide range of film projects tailored specifically to your needs.

Captivating films, innovative animations, documentaries, commercials, recordings and streams in our in-house
green screen studio as well as convincing product photos and people photography at a location of your choice.

We put your company and your products perfectly in the limelight and convey your know-how in an impressive way.

Whether at our premises or at any location of your choice. Our Film teams are equipped for all assignments and productions.

Our visual storytelling experts and modern techniques work hand in hand to get your message across in an effective and compelling way.

TEMA produces in any language you need, from script to presentation:

  • 3D animations and visualizations
  • Image, product and industrial films
  • Motion graphics, explanatory films
  • Commercials, cinema and radio spots
  • Training and science films
  • Documentaries
  • Translations, subtitling, transcriptions
  • 360° recordings
  • Adwalks, info screens
  • Social media clips
  • Media data conversions
  • Post-productions
  • Product photography
  • Event photography
  • People photography
  • Image editing
  • Live streaming
  • Media support for events (digital & hybrid)
  • Platform based video conferences
  • Screen content for events and trade fairs
  • Keynote presentations

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Joachim Zodet
Film / Video
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