Trade fairs, congresses and product launches thrive on the rush of visitors.
Exhibitors expect a steadily growing, international, knowledgeable clientele.

With our visitor marketing expertise, we help you to target potential visitors, top buyers and exhibitors worldwide.

For some of the largest international exhibition companies around the globe, TEMA skillfully creates event awareness, delivering key industry leaders, association members,chambers of commerce, publishers, and travel agencies/tour operators, along with special visitor delegation groups to trade fair events. The rule applies: with the right targeted contacts you can reach the masses.

This turns a visit to the fair into an unforgettable experience and binds visitors to the fair in the long term.

Do you want to welcome the right visitors to your trade fair or conference?

Then you've come to the right place! With our Multiplier Marketing Program, TEMA has developed an efficient tool for addressing potential trade visitors from a defined target group worldwide. We reach out to the right individuals, gaining trust be connecting in their native language and explaining the benefits of a unique partnership by disseminating and promoting key event information to their members and networks. Together we build trust and success!

The rule applies: with the right targeted contacts you can reach the masses.

We help you to build and further expand your networks and thus further enhance
your trade fair or congress with the right visitors and/or top buyers.

Identifying , contacting, and encouraging visitors and key buyers to attend an event is critical for exhibition companies. TEMA's customized VIP-Program successfully targets your exact needs.

With our team of native speakers with dual professional backgrounds, we create copy for companies around the globe such as press releases, white papers, technical articles, corportae image brochures as well as company newsletters.

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